Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beef Kwey Teow - Lorong 9, Geylang

My brother really knows where to look for good food in Singapore. This evening we went to his favorite Beef Kwey Teow (or Hor Fun in Cantonese) shop at the corner of Lorong 9, Geylang. It's the first time for me here.

I think its red & white sign board is quite attractive at night.

Most prefer to sit out along the side walk tables.

The pictorial menu on the wall helps to pick your dishes.

We had Pork Ribs (left), Tofu (front) & Beef Kwey Teow in thick gravy (right), all very delicious I must say! Prompted by the next table - we had another fried 'dried' i.e. without the thick gravy.

Nearby is a durian stall.. Labeled.. "Mountain Cat", where from?

Vendors like to add "XO" label to their products as premium grade!

Only if you believe them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newton Circle Food Center

Eating out at hawker centers is part of Singapore's culture. Newton Circle food center is probably better known to frequent Singapore visitors. On weekend evenings, it is usually very crowded.

So it tend to be more pricey here than those in the HDB heartlands - especially the seafood stalls.
A variety of local favorites can be found here. Mine is the Hokkien mee (left of photo), among the stalls fronting the car park.

These days, all food stalls put up attractive displays to enhance their appeal.

I usually like to sit under these umbrellas away from the crowds.

It is 15 min walk from Orchard and better get there by MRT to Newton station.

A very good Laksa

This is a popular laksa stall with an established customer base date back to the old days at a Sungei Road coffee shop. Customers still come back from afar!

A short while back, a few of us swiftlet farmers gathered here for a meal and talk shop.

Located at Block 27, Townshend Road, just a block away from Jalan Besar Food Court.
Sungei Road area in the old days is known as "Ice Making Bridge" in Chinese (an ice making factory there close to a canal bridge).

Used to be S$0.50 a bowl when I first patronized, now S$2 per bowl. Not a big portion, so I used to have two! Still prepared in the same old fashion way over charcoal fire!

Many of my friends know this place too. A friend told me he know a 5-star hotel chef who would drop by straight from the airport before checking into hotel when visiting Singapore.

I think you will enjoy as much as he did! I do - come back here with my brother once in a while.