Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A very good Laksa

This is a popular laksa stall with an established customer base date back to the old days at a Sungei Road coffee shop. Customers still come back from afar!

A short while back, a few of us swiftlet farmers gathered here for a meal and talk shop.

Located at Block 27, Townshend Road, just a block away from Jalan Besar Food Court.
Sungei Road area in the old days is known as "Ice Making Bridge" in Chinese (an ice making factory there close to a canal bridge).

Used to be S$0.50 a bowl when I first patronized, now S$2 per bowl. Not a big portion, so I used to have two! Still prepared in the same old fashion way over charcoal fire!

Many of my friends know this place too. A friend told me he know a 5-star hotel chef who would drop by straight from the airport before checking into hotel when visiting Singapore.

I think you will enjoy as much as he did! I do - come back here with my brother once in a while.

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